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Navigate deadly traps. Control your fear of heights. All in order to conquer the mighty challenge of Odin’s gauntlet… on the Road to Valhalla!

Road to Valhalla is a 3D, third-person platformer for PC. A hardcore challenge for even the most seasoned veteran of the genre. You play as a viking who died an unglorious death. Far from the fields of battle. You awake to find yourself in a mysterious realm, but soon learn that you must prove yourself worthy to gain access to Valhalla. Odin’s gauntlet offers many challenges: Jump over spikes, balance over crumbling ruins, launch yourself far and wide with ancient dwarven contraptions and – with a bit of skill and an iron will – ragdoll through the Nine Realms on the road to Valhalla.

But be warned: failure is inevitable in the realms of ice, fire and death.

(Opens a Google Drive folder with a .rar file you need to download and extract. The game is only available for PC)

Face the numbing ice of…

Niflheim, the cold, dark, misty world of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel. In some accounts it was the last of nine worlds, a place into which evil men passed after reaching the region of death.” – Britannica

Survive the blistering heat of…

“It is light and hot, and so bright and dazzling that no stranger, who is not a native there, can stand it.” – Snorri & Anderson, Project Gutenberg.

Overcome death itself in…

“Like physical graves, Hel was thought to be located underground. Some sources also place it in the north, the direction which is cold and dark like the grave.” – Daniel McCoy

Road to Valhalla was created in Unreal 5 with these pre-made assets and music:

Assets by: Synty Studios (LowPoly Vikings), Kakky (VFX), Mountain Trail (Aurora Borealis), PolyArt3D (Medieval Props), Gabeee (Blueprints), Tansuergene (SFX) & Gamemaster Audio (SFX)

Music by: Bbbebeee (Main Menu & Hub), Devtrap (Tutorial), SmiresOrchestra (Niflheim & Helheim), Esteban Mercado (Helheim) & JFarenheit (Muspelheim)

Meet the Team

Runerock Studios was founded in early 2022 by a team of 5 students from Interactive, Digital Media, located in Aalborg, Denmark.

Phone: (+45) 60161002

Simon Dannevang – Project Manager, Programmer & Human Resources

“During our prototyping of Road to Valhalla, my focus has been on market research as well as ensuring the overall structure of our production; fx as Scrum Master with Trello as our project management tool. Additionally, I’ve worked with blueprints and coding in Unreal 5. For our five man team, sharing knowledge and collaborating closely is our key strength.”


Phone: (+45) 24801837

Andreas Ottosen – Programmer, Technical Game Designer, Production Pipeline specialist

“My focus for Road to Valhalla was to make it possible for all of our teammembers to collaborate online through GitHub. By wearing many hats, I’ve been able to secure the functionality of the Road to Valhalla prototype by working with both blueprints and C++ in Unreal 5. When my colleagues need help, I’m always glad to share my technical know-how whenever possible.”

Phone: (+45) 61404093

Henriette M. Meerson – Game- & Level designer, Writer, Social Media Manager

“For the prototype of Road to Valhalla, I primarily contributed to the Game- & Level Design as well as the overall narrative. Especially Niflheim, a realm of ice from Norse mythology, which we took inspiration from as a level in the game. I also programmed a bit through blueprints in Unreal 5, where I created various traps, etc.. In the near future I will also be running the social media channels for Runerock Studios.”


Phone: (+45) 23875186

Henrik Gamborg – Programmer, Game- & Level Designer, 3D-modelling

“Throughout my studies at Aalborg University, I have specialised in both Game- & Level Design. In relation to the prototype of Road to Valhalla and Root of Guilt (a horror game I worked on at DADIU 2021), I’ve felt and experienced that especially level design – as well as 3D-modelling – is exactly the area of expertise that I would love to pursue in my career as game dev.

I hope to live out that dream at Runerock Studios.”


Phone: (+45) 22155454

Gustav Schrøder – Project Manager, Game- & Level Designer, User Research 

“I mainly contributed to the prototype of Road to Valhalla through Game- & Level Design in relation to ‘Helheim’ – a dark and dangerous level with puzzle-elements. Additionally, I contributed to the overall project management and structure of our playtesting. We utilize qualitative playtesting and analysis to great effect – a powerful tool that makes it possible for us to gather feedback, tweak and iterate on our games until they really pack that punch we’d love to offer our target audience.”